Beautiful Downriver, Michigan

Bio: A happily married, only slightly crazy cat lady rolling through her thirties with as much grace and dignity as she can muster (read: appalling little). She's often loud, frequently sarcastic, on wheels and prematurely gray. She holds strong opinions about a few things that matter and many that don't, and she's a dreamer who's great at ideas and shitty at execution. She talks a lot, and does it in italics, both online and off. She can frequently be found making up words and songs on the spot - both are of varying quality - and she's the recipient of more good stuff, loving family, amazing friends and lucky breaks than one deserves. She's a Walt Disney World savant and annoyingly picky and knowledgeable about fonts. She's a girly-girl who loves sneakers, sports and cursing like a sailor. In short: she's a once and future total dork with the action figures, Donny Osmond CDs, and uncomfortable memories from adolescence to prove it. (Take that, co-opting hipster kids.)

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